You can view all of the curriculum, lesson plans, tutorials, etc available to you and assign tutorials to your classes from the "Curriculum" tab when inside a classroom.

From this page you can click into the different units we provide to explore the lesson plans, activities, materials, and tutorials, etc. Here's what CS.1 Getting to Know GameSalad looks like:

Once you've opened a unit, you'll be viewing the Lesson Plan. This is also where you can view:

  1. The required materials for each section of the Lesson Plan.
  2. The list of assignments for the unit.
  3. The tutorial that the students will see after this unit is assigned to them.
  4. A demo of what the completed game the students will be creating looks like.

All this information is broken out via the tabs across the top of the section.

When you're viewing a unit, you can assign it to your class by selecting the "Assignments" tab across the top of the section.

You can then choose to assign the whole tutorial and quiz together to your students (using the Assign All button highlighted in green above) or assign each individual part of the tutorial to your students using the Assign buttons highlighted in red above.

Once something has been assigned to your class, any students in that class will see it from their assignments tab when they log into GameSalad Creator.